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What clients say about working with me

RTT® can be used to treat a wide range of issues in both adults and children. It gives great insight into the root cause of any issue whether it be mental, emotional, or physical.

Jane, Perth

"Michelle is an accomplished and compassionate therapist.  She helped me release some of the blocks that have hindered me in getting my own therapy business started, for which I am extremely grateful.  I feel I can really move forward and am excited about my future! If you feel stuck and unsure how to remove the blocks holding you back, I urge you to seek help from Michelle - you wont regret it!"

Neeta, Toronto

"Michelle is a wonderful therapist. She helped calm my nerves tremendously just before my exams. Her audio recording helped me sleep well and get through the exams feeling confident and in control rather than being all over the place....She knew exactly how to address the negative self talk that kept popping in my head... I would recommend her if you would like to be in charge of your situation rather than your situation taking charge over you!"

Mark, Gold Coast

"Michelle is an excellent therapist. She is kind and caring and she instilled confidence in me from the outset. This along with her calm and soothing voice allowed me to feel safe and relaxed in the session from the beginning to the end. We uncovered the root cause of the sleeping issues I've suffered from since my early twenties. I strongly recommend using Michelle as your RTT therapist."
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