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About Michelle

Michelle’s journey as a wellpreneur has been a long and serendipitous one, and not without a few plot twists. Before wellness became a buzzword, 17-year-old Michelle attended her first yoga class, kept a dream diary, then took her first Sekhem course in 2003. Her natural curiosity for the mystical drew her close to her godmother, a Jungian psychoanalyst, who encouraged her to explore the unconscious mind and deepen self-knowledge. Fast forward 20 years and, her search for ways to overcome life's challenges has blossomed into her practice to help clients overcome self-limiting beliefs and live the life they always wanted.


As a recovering entrepreneur, she is no stranger to feeling constantly out of her comfort zone. Michelle founded and ran her namesake brand, MISCHA, for over a decade; from negotiating with factory owners, to pitching snobby buyers and jaded editors, to building a team to scale her business, to anxious sleepless nights, a lot of crying, and a whole host of hard lessons learnt. It was during this period in her life, that maintaining good mental health hygiene was even more crucial.

With her Type-A tendencies, this cocktail of ambition and self doubt came in very handy - being a TedX speaker and featured in Forbes as “One of Asia’s Handbag Brands to Have Successfully Gone Global”, drove her to cope better, perform better and persevere to level up even more. However character-building she convinced herself this was, maintaining that constant level of mental and emotional intensity wasn’t sustainable. Burnt out at the end of each year, she came to depend on retreats that became crucial to maintaining her sanity, though they had diminishing returns. She explored every performance-enhancing, self-care maintenance tool or book there was and dove head first into yoga, Vipassana, meditation, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and more holistic healing practices than she cares to admit to. 


Making the transition from entrepreneur into management consulting was the plot twist that allowed her to reconnect with her calling, to help others bridge the gap to achieving their highest potential. It took years of fine tuning her soul meets science approach to well-being, and discovering RTT hypnotherapy, to restore her balance. The practical, solution-focused approach of targeting subconscious blocks, replacing them with new life-affirming beliefs, and in a short span of time was life-changing.  The result was a happier, more confident and purposeful Michelle, comfortable in her own skin and ready to take on life with a fresh perspective.

Early in her career, while working in the field of education, Michelle worked with students to bridge the gap after arriving in a new environment in Hong Kong. Even then, she instinctively understood their feelings of being a fish out of water, and the one-on-one approach she took to helping them resolve these issues of displacement, were the seedlings of her practice today.  Michelle is an Infinite Breathwork Instructor, Neurolinguistic-Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, certified RTT hypnotherapist and spiritual counsellor.


“My goal is to empower people to reach their highest potential - to thrive, not just survive.”

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